Van-Surf to Alamo Drafthouse: Teen Wolf Screens Tonight in 35mm

Teen Wolf - watch more funny videos

From concept to execution,

Teen Wolf

is a positively perfect '80s film that makes absolutely no sense. Scott Howard (Michael J. Fox) has lived in the same town his entire life. When his adolescent hormones shift, he realizes that he's a werewolf.

This is great for several reasons. 1.) His father is also a known werewolf and nobody in this small town has ever bothered to bring it up. 2.) People seem unsurprised -- and actually rather charmed, by the transformation. 3.) Women, especially, dig his wolfness. 4.) He still wears a basketball uniform when he's the Teen Wolf, even though wolves don't wear clothes. 5.) On a purely scholarly level, Scott Howard's morphing doesn't mirror our collective understanding of how werewolves function.

The Alamo Drafthouse shows Teen Wolf in 35mm tonight at 7 p.m. and you should go, if only to wash your mind clean of that sequel we don't discuss and that taking-it-all-too-seriously television show. Up above is a video by California-based sketch troupe Summer of Tears, who greenscreened themselves into Teen Wolf to point out the beautiful absurdity of it all.

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