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Vehicular Assault at Tonight's FrontRow Live

Among some other rad shit going down tonight at the Dallas Contemporary for D-Mag's FrontRow Live, we just got word that Oliver Francis Gallery is giving "[con]texting while driving" a whole new meaning.

OFG's owner and artistic polymath, Kevin Rubén Jacobs, has curated a show featuring three "sound/video/fART installations" by Desiree Espada, Kasumi Chow, and Michael A. Morris. You might have heard of them. Chow and Espada are DMA award-winning emerging photographers/mixed-media artists and Morris was most recently seen in collaboration with Danielle Georgiou, Andrew Blanton, and Cody Ross at HARAKIRI: To Die for Performances at CentralTrak.

Espada tells us that:

Each artist will have their own separate [Chevy] vehicle in which they will use as a temporary art space. Kasumi Chow will present an installation about achievements and actuating feeling good about them. I will present a new video piece, the likes of which are something you have (probably) never seen before. I can't say much - other than its subject is someone we all know and love - but it is a piece about the intimacy you can find in strangers and even celebrities ... Kasumi and I are also handing out a limited edition of 100 photographs (free) which will be a still from the video. We collaborated on everything, as usual.

Jacobs tells us that Morris "will be creating a meditative environment that will void any visuals from the event after entering the car along with a sound installation. Of course, don't want to give away too much for the people that are going."

We know, we know. Advertisers. Capitalism. Hoity-toity ostentation. Gross. But, if Jacobs is known for anything, it's using unconventional circumstances to buck the system and to present art unlike anything Dallas has ever seen. Granted, this is a new side of OFG, but we're curious to see how it turns out.

Need more details on the jam-packed event? Here's the full press release:

FrontRow Live presented by Chevrolet at Dallas Contemporary

The One Night Highbrow Lowbrow Blowout

Featuring performances by: STRFKR Onra DJ Ben Aqua

Art installations by: Erwin Wurm Zoe Crosher dallas Biennale

Food trucks: Easy Slider Green House So Cal Tacos TX Delizioso

Plus theater, film, and more!

Supporting sponsors: Grey Goose Cherry Noir Bud Light Platinum

Valet parking available for $5.

Do you drive a Chevy? All Chevrolet drivers receive complimentary valet and premium parking.

FrontRow Live happens from 8:30-11:00 p.m. at 161 Glass St. Tickets are $15, but we hear the beer's free - purchase 'em right here.

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Brentney Hamilton