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Venus on Our Minds: Our Top 5 Sexiest Astrophysicists

We get all hot-n-bothered when it comes to clam shells and hefty scopes, so you're safe to assume that a date tonight to the Museum of Nature and Science would result in some serious lens steaming.

As you may have heard, Venus is getting between us and our sun one last time for another 38,537 days. That's 105 years, kids. In honor of this monumental event, the MNS is offering Transit Shows - with solar safety glasses - and Portable Star Talks in the Nature Building throughout the day. General admission is $10 for adults, $7 for children, and you can purchase online here.

The Goddess of Love tends to get our motors running - nerds, you looking for an once-in-a-lifetime night to propose? - so we've complied some horn-rim wearing, pocket protecting eye candy for your viewing pleasure. We submit to you, our Top 5 Sexiest Astrophysicists.

5. Mikhail Lomonosov Notable not only for his kick ass style - literally, those are some teeth-smashin' boots - this pansophic Russian was the first to hypothesize the existence of an atmosphere during a Transit of Venus (you know, that thing that's happening tonight) in 1761.

4. Neil deGrasse Tyson Word has it that Dr. Tyson has a penchant for undergrads, and that's one unsubstantiated rumor that'll send us back to Freshman year in a heartbeat, just as soon as we get our package from Ebay. Don't forget the crystals.

3. Reina Reyes It's starting to look like a sausage party up in here, but don't think for a moment there are no astro-hotties for you fellas or ladies who love ladies. Reina Reyes proved Einstein's Theory of General Relativity on a cosmic scale when she was only 26. Schwing.

2. Carl Sagan The fact that Dr. Sagan has passed on to the next dimension doesn't stop a girl from dreaming about crawling up under that turtle neck for some Contact after dark. Don't believe us? Check out this entire site dedicated to Sexy Sagan Pick-up Lines.

1. Galileo Galilei The original bad boy, Gali-lay-o is an obvious number one. He's the father of physics, people. Toss in those daddy issues and we're good to go!

Remember: staring at the sun causes permanent damage, mkay? But, the good folks at the Museum of Nature and Science are here to help - you can view this one-last-time in a lifetime event at the Nature Building at 3535 Grand Avenue. Call 214-428-5555 or visit for more details.

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Brentney Hamilton