VIDEO: Behind the Curtain at Ochre House, Dallas' Bastion of Theatrical Experimentation

There's something special about Ochre House Theater, the small experimental company in Expo Park. Helmed by Matthew Posey, a longtime actor/writer/director, it's one of the few spaces in the city consistently creating original work. This weekend, the company unveils its newest show, Brothers' Harvest, a musical about a small town girl named Indigo Sue, who wants to get out of Rising Star, the tiny town that raised her. 

The theater is known for its eccentric takes on recognizable stories — whether it be William S. Burroughs, the Manson family, or Frida Kahlo — and new tales alike. Posey, who lives in an apartment that doubles as a dressing room, writes the shows for a cast of some of the city's most interesting actors, whom he refers to as the "Ochre House Boys."  For Brothers' Harvest, it looks like the gang's all here, with feisty redhead Cassie Bann in the lead role, alongside Carla Parker, Mitchell Parrack, Elizabeth Evans and a host of familiar faces. 

To get a glimpse of the artistic process, videographer Sarah Passon sat in on a rehearsal and chatted with Posey and Bann about working at Ochre House and Brothers' Harvest. 
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Lauren Smart
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