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VIDEO: Kate Firth, Woman of Steel

Kate Firth, Woman of Steel from Voice Media Group on Vimeo.

Kate Firth is one of the few artists in Dallas working in steel, not to mention one of the only women. And her art is getting bigger and better all the time. Last week, she completed her biggest project to date, a public sculpture called "I Feel You Feel Me," which is now on display at Henderson and Capitol, as part of the Art on Henderson project. 

A graduate of the University of North Texas, Firth recently bought a home in Red Oak with her wife Ashley, where she has plenty of space to weld and form large geometric shapes, which require a lot of thoughtful math, a kind of organization that Firth says keeps her calm. 

Much of her work in steel is interested in smashing preconceptions of the art form. In a piece commissioned by El Centro College, which hangs downtown outdoors, Firth created fluid, colorful pieces that rest on the wall like paintings. In her newer, smaller work, she attaches textiles to the steel to explore the contrast between a feminine and a masculine material. She explores these same binaries in the work sitting on Henderson through powder coated hot pinks and baby blues. 

You can keep up with Firth at 
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