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Vinyl Thoughts Announces A New Show, New Location

In its past two installments, Vinyl Thoughts, the local celebration of nerdly arts, has been popular. So much so, that shopping the event came with a door wait. Dallas, it seems, is famished for custom and customizable toys (and free drinks), so the club-style events filled almost instantly, leaving a one-in, one-out situation at the entry of Quixotic World.

That's less likely to be the case at Vinyl Thoughts III, on September 13. Don't worry, the rabidity for KidRobot, Bad Applez and other resin-based and plastic-y stuff hasn't diminished, but the show is scooting over a couple blocks to Life In Deep Ellum.

It's a smart swap.

The new venue is as much a gallery as it is a club, and transitioning to it will increase available square footage. Also, it plays nicely with the show's philanthropic angle. Local special effects/animation studio, Reel FX, is whippin' up ten, must-have toys to auction off. The dough raised will go into the coffers of Art Love Magic's free Kid Workshops, which also happen at this location. Besides, if spontanious break dancing erupts like it did at the last show, a bigger circle would be nice.

Vinyl Thoughts II had an old-school gaming theme, which we were alerted to early on by Kid NES and Eder's amazing performance art/mural work. This time around, VT is toying with illustration as a central concept in a show titled "Drawn Together." We have a few weeks to wait before we see if the theme translates on a gallery-wide level, but with 50-plus artists from around the world (and Dallas) working on the project, I can't imagine it won't be great. (I hope somebody tributes Don Hertzfeldt.)

Vinyl Thoughts is still free, with free beer by Saint Arnold Brewery and wine by Los Pinos Ranch Vinyards.

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