Waiting For The Big Cat To Pounce

Disaster stalks the characters of Tigers Be Still even more aggressively than the reportedly loose jungle cat that’s patrolling the neighborhood. Penned by playwright Kim Rosenstock, Tigers Be Still focuses on the lives of several suburban families, each attempting to pick through their own rashes of grief. Sherry is finally pulling her life together; at 24, she’s been given her first teaching job, and also her first assistant. Zach, the principal’s 19-year old son, has been given the task of backing Sherry up, but unknown to him he’s actually there to work through the emotional pain of his mother’s recent passing, via art therapy. Sherry’s sister is drunk on the couch and will only respond to her buddies Jack Daniel’s and Top Gun. Their mother, a former beauty queen, has an autoimmune disorder that’s caused her to puff up. Now she won’t see anyone. Even her daughters can only speak to her on the phone, even though she lives upstairs. Would it be the worst thing if a tiger came by and gobbled them up? Find out at the Dallas Theater Center’s production of Tigers Be Still, which runs through May 13. Tickets cost $40. Get them at tickets.attpac.org.
Tuesdays-Sundays. Starts: March 11. Continues through May 13, 2012
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Jamie Laughlin
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