Warby Parker's Pop-Up at Nest Is a Spectacle

Warby Parker's Pop-Up at Nest Is a Spectacle

Until today, Warby Parker eyewear has come to Dallas mostly by way of online sales, as the company has limited showrooms and exclusive pop-up sales. For the next two weeks (through May 28), however, Knox Henderson's beloved Nest will play host to the Warby Parker 2011 collection, kicking things off with a debut event tonight from 6 to 10 p.m.

And this, chic geeks, is outstanding.

Any four-eyes knows that shopping for new glasses isn't just a test of reflection-gazing endurance and frame-to-face flattery, but also a royal pain in the pocketbook (with or without insurance). The WP masterminds have, fortunately, removed much of the stress thanks to their vintage-inspired frames...and lone monocle, let's not forget.

See, unlike most things tagged with the v-word, Warby Parker specs aren't hundreds of dollars. They're all under $100. And that's with prescription, scratch-resistant coated lenses. Yes, under $100. Like, on purpose. According to the line's website, the key to affordable style was taking out ye ol' middle man. But before you headpalm and say, "Why didn't I think of that?!" those fools get even nicer.

With every pair of glasses purchased, Warby Parker donates a pair to a person in need of corrective eyewear. So far, more than 50,000 pairs of glasses have been donated to people without access to them, through a variety of distribution partners including The Sunshine Lady Foundation, Inc., Community Enterprise Solutions and RestoringVision.org.

Feeling charitable and in need of some 20/20? Email warbyparker@nestdallas.com to schedule an appointment...or just stop by the store and ogle the stock for fun.


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