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Watch Christian Bale Call an 8-Year-Old Dallas Boy Who's Fighting Cancer (and Loves Batman)

Zach Guillot is 8, and he loves Batman. He has a Batman costume (it's "pretty much real") and a Batmobile made of cardboard that he drove around his Dallas neighborhood at Halloween, little LEDs lighting the path to chocolate justice. He even has a sidekick: His little brother, who loves Robin.

Zach has leukemia. He had it licked for a while, after getting a bone marrow transplant from his Robin. But it's back, and he's in a Seattle hospital waiting on another transplant.

The other day, Zach got a call at the hospital. It was Christian Bale, the Dark Knight. You can listen to their exchange in the video above. While you do, give Zach's Facebook page a "like" and send him your good wishes. He needs 'em.

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