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Watch Loop Fest Live Streaming. No Need To Put On Pants.

Live video from your iPhone using Ustream
WaterTower Theatre has chosen to make its Out Of The Loop Fringe Theater Festival even more accessible by streaming the event live. Sure, there will be periods of deadspace (As much as we wish they could, they can't perform 24/7), but when it's on, oh baby it's going to be ON. Bookmark this page and check out the schedule below, then pop by when you want to catch a show... in your pajamas.

FRIDAY (3/2) 8-9:30pm (SC) Midway (Diana Sheehan) 10-11pm (ST) Occupy Loop (FTP Comedy)

SATURDAY (3/3) 2-3:15pm (SC) TRIO (SceneShop) 5-6:30pm (MS) Strange Dreamz (Thornton) 6:30-6:45pm Interview - Waking Up w/ Playwright Kelsey Ervi 8-8:30pm (ST) Waking Up (Greyman) 9-9:15pm Interview - 12-Scene Madness! w/ Performers Zeke Blackwell & Alexis Cruzzavala 10-11pm (ST) 12-Scene Madness! (Purple Crayon)

SUNDAY (3/4) 2-3:30pm (SC) Midway (Diana Sheehan) 3:30-3:45pm Interview - TRIO w/ Playwright Steven Alan McGaw 5-6:15pm (SC) TRIO (SceneShop)

TUESDAY (3/6) 6-6:15pm Interview - Strange Dreamz w/ Writer & Performer Kevin J. Thornton 7:30-9pm (MS) Strange Dreamz (Thornton)

THURSDAY (3/8) 6-6:15pm Interview - Midway w/ Performer Diana Sheehan 7:30-9pm (SC) Midway (Diana Sheehan)

FRIDAY (3/9) 6:30-6:45pm Interview - Beyond Words w/ Writer & Performer Bill Bowers 8-9:15pm (MS) Beyond Words (Bill Bowers)

SATURDAY (3/10) 2:45-3:30pm (ST) Waking Up (Greyman) 5-6:15pm (MS) Beyond Words (Bill Bowers) 6:50-7pm (LB) "Best Of" Announcement 8-9:15pm (SC) TRIO (SceneShop) 10-10:15pm Interview - International Falls w/ Performers Thomas Ward (Playwright) & Sherry Jo Ward

SUNDAY (3/11) 2:45-3:30pm (ST) Waking Up (Greyman) 5-6pm (ST) Occupy Loop (FTP Comedy) 6:30-6:45pm Interview - Occupy Loop w/ Head of Improv Jim Kuenzer & Performer Erik Archilla 7:30pm (TBA) Best of Festival

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