Wating for The Pin (Show) to Drop

We're so excited about the return of the Pin Show, that Mixmaster ran downtown today and touched base with the runway extravaganza's organizers during an afternoon fitting session.

With more than 30 local and national designers on the bill, the team of the Pin Show is already ahead of schedule. The looks are almost completely in, the models are having their fittings and they've still got two weeks to tweak the ensembles. I predict this show will be phenomenal; especially after seeing the level of fretting going into every outfit that will take the stage.

The actual event happens on Thursday, February 23 at the Fairmont Hotel's Regency Ballroom which has a capacity of between 1800 to 2000 people. Will that many show up? Actually, they probably will. It's been two years since the production has happened in Dallas and its last effort drew roughly 1600 glamor-gazers, and since each affair grows exponentially -- well, you do the math. It all boils down to Get Your Tickets Early.

Here's just one snapshot from the pieces that were being aired-out and inspected this afternoon, but Mixmaster peeked ahead in the hanging bags and got really excited about some non-photographed silk sheers by Status, a couple of menswear lines, and even a puffy party dress or two.

Another thrilling thing about this year's Pin, is the groundswell of recycled, alternative and eco-friendly clothing lines being set to sail down the catwalk. See if you can pick out which is which; we'll tell you afterwards.

Stay tuned you lovers of lovely frocks, we'll keep you posted on developments until the big night.

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Jamie Laughlin
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