Wave Goodbye, Wade

There are a lot of reasons you're going to want to make the trek to Jerry World when the Dallas Cowboys take on the Philadelphia Eagles at noon Sunday. Maybe you haven't experienced the new stadium yet, and you want to be able to say that you, too, laid out half a paycheck in the stadium's inaugural season to enjoy a game from heights that make mountain climbers woozy. Perhaps you'd like to do an anthropological study of tailgaters (take note, some of them bring their own port-a-potties!). Or maybe you're like me, and the inane optimist inside is just hoping that history doesn't repeat itself. You'll recall, of course, that last year's season-ender against Philadephia was exactly that--a season-ender. A big, giant bummer of a season-ender. They sucked it up and lost 44 to 6, eliminating themselves from the playoffs. And remember--that game sparked some huge changes in attitude, in offense and in coaching, which brings me to the final reason you'll want to catch this game. Maybe you want to enjoy the sight of lovable Wade "Huggybear" Phillips standing on the Cowboys' sidelines for what's probably (surely) gonna be the last time. Whatever your reasons, set the GPS to 1 Legends Way in Arlington and get thee to ticketmaster.com right away.
Sun., Jan. 3, noon, 2010
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Jennifer Elaine-Davis