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Woman Crush Wednesday: Fashion Designer Kendall Falcon

Falcon loves Timothée Chalamet and the smell of fresh basil. But not as much as we love her.
Falcon loves Timothée Chalamet and the smell of fresh basil. But not as much as we love her. Kalan Briggs
Our woman crush this week is fashion designer Kendall Falcon, who first launched her line Clan of Cro five years ago. Before presenting her brand of minimalist luxury, the poised and well-traveled charmer was once cast in an MTV-produced The Hills spin-off that never aired. Their loss was Dallas’ gain. Read on to see why we’re so obsessed.

If you were in charge of redesigning the planet, what’s the first thing you would change?

The removal of fossil fuels!

How do you think this time period will change you?
I often feel guilt about just relaxing or making the time to do nothing. This time has served as reminder to be easier on myself, to slow down and remember that carrying the weight of worry all the time won’t help me in my personal life or work life.

What’s a look that works for everyone?

A good T-shirt, a trouser, a white tennis shoe and a blazer.

What’s something you’ve been told about yourself that made you laugh?

"You look Indian." People tell me this a lot, and I think so too, even though I am Italian. But no one ever guesses that first, except when I’m in Italy.
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We are green with envy of Falcon's talent.
Kalan Briggs

Name the worst fashion trend of all time.

Tough to say. A lot of trends I’ve considered bad at times can creep back in and grow on me. But I’d have to say the whole waist-trainer look. I don’t think those are doing good in the world for anyone’s self-esteem.

What’s your dream career moment?

That idea is tough to develop. When I imagine it though, it’s a lot of different things coming together. I use a lot of mediums to express myself and have a lot aspirations I don’t really share. I picture this big moment or exhibition where I’m celebrating a project that is my film premiere, album release, clothing collection launch, performance art showcase, a fundraiser for the nonprofit I’d like to start, all tied together in one message and experience. Where all of my ideas can come to life, exist in the same space for a little while and share that with those dear to me.

What’s an unusual source of inspiration for you?
Thrift stores. My mind just goes to a special place when hunting around for things. I feel inspired by the history of items I find, how they can fit into my life or can spark ideas for new projects.

Describe the look you were going for when you decorated your place?

I don’t know if I’ve ever had a look in mind — but I do think our home is a reflection of both my husband and I’s personalities. Natural elements of old and new (vintage is a passion of mine through both fashion and interiors) and decor items are mostly objects and art that we’ve collected over time or things that we make all surrounded by our many plants. I just like for my environment to feel clean, comfortable and playful.

Who’s the most stylish fictitious character?
Annette Bening as Dorothea Fields in 20th Century Women. I’m not going to explain why, I’m just going to suggest you watch this beautiful film.

How do you hope you change people?
I hope any change I reflect in others would be to show more empathy everyday.

What’s a song you like to play while you work?
"Une Barque Sur L'Ocean" played by André Laplante — I discovered this song from the film Call Me by Your Name. I can let this play on repeat and it really all blends together, keeping me calm, focused and tapped in emotionally.

Tell me your favorite personal tradition.

I don’t have a lot of traditions, but one I appreciate is my birthday. I treat it as my new year, taking the time to reflect and writing myself a little love letter.

Who’s your woman crush in fashion?

(Fashion writer) Leandra Medine Cohen. Forever and always.

What are some thoughts that obsess you? And some that delight you?

Obsess: My fear of complacency, my constant need to rearrange furniture, my not so unique attraction to Timothee Chalamet. Delight: Living in Rome, when our plants grow new baby leaves, a wine and cheese pairing, hugging my friends again.

What spot do you miss in Dallas?

Cosmos in Lakewood. Could really go for a bowl of ramen, a glass of wine and a cozy spot by the fire watching any VHS they have going at the time.

Can you describe your life in quarantine using only the letters of your initials?
K: Kind words shared with friends and family; N: Never sure what time it is; E: Emotionally in tune; F: Free of bras.

What’s your favorite smell?

I have a lot of loved scents like lilies, palo santo, fresh basil. But my favorite fragrance I’ve been wearing is Anima by Fray Ardens.

What was happening the last time you felt like your life was incredible?

Of course not every single day is a good day, but do I feel like my life is really incredible right now. I am so lucky to have work that I love to do, slow moments to connect with myself and that I get to spend more time with my partner and love of my life. I’m more optimistic about my future and filled with more gratitude in my life than ever.

If your life were a series, how would Netflix sum it up and under what category?
"Girl grows up quick in Texas suburb. Thinks all she has going for her is to be an athlete and go to a Southern school on a volleyball scholarship. Discovers her love of fashion and goes to school to study fashion design in LA. Learns about who she actually is through small triumphs, loneliness, good friendships, bad relationships and a very short-lived opportunity to join a reality TV series. Meets the love of her life. Moves back to Texas with the love of her life. Learns more about who she could become and is still learning." Certainly a dark comedy, though.

Tell me something that bothers you for no good reason.

Sororities and fraternities. (Laughs)

What's your favorite invention? What is yet to be invented?

Hot showers. I treat my shower time as a ritual every morning that I cherish. With low light, good music, coffee to sip and maybe even a sheet mask as companion to the steam. Very thankful for all the hot showers. Still hoping to teleport one day.

What work of art best represents your personality?
I have a piece by New York-based artist Alice Lancaster that I love. It’s a portrait of a messy girl with all of the right colors.

What’s a word that doesn’t get used enough?


What question do you love to be asked?
"What does success mean to you?"

And what’s the answer?

"Success to me is controlling what I can, always moving forward and finding beauty in everyday."
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The fashion designer delights in living in Rome.
Kalan Briggs
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Kalan Briggs
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