We Ran the Dallas Skyline Through the Google Deep Dream Machine. It's Freaky.

For Internet junkies, it's been difficult to avoid Google's "Deep Dream" software, for which the company recently released its open source code. From everything we know, basically what it does is send an picture or a video through a microcosm of the Internet, allowing it to gather new data along the way. The results are freaky, psychedelic, dog-laden images. People have sent famous works of art through it and porn through it. It's as though everything on the Internet exists on one plane; it's likely what the image storage facility of your brain looks like (if that's a thing).  Here at the Observer,  we decided to remodel a popular blog post of Justin Terveen's gorgeous Dallas photos by sending them into deep dream state. We used dreamscape, which allows you to choose filters like "Inceptionist Painting," and "Demonic." We're still not sure we entirely understand it and apologize in advance for your nightmares. 

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