We Say Relay!

The Rock N Relays are probably the coolest running event we can think of—and that's impressive considering we strictly avoid running at all costs and find runners to be out of their gourd for going out, intent on participating in an exercise that no sports bra, New Balance or Lycra can make comfortable. The RNRs are different, though, for one key reason: They totally remind us of the highly anticipated, never disappointing elementary school field day. Now, participants run these relays legitimately, starting out at White Rock Lake's Winfrey Point with teched-out timing chips, but as they do, their teams ride in super-decorated team "vehicles" to cheer them on and drop off and pick up the runners. Along the way, there's live music and, yes, even refreshments. The only thing missing is a foursquare ball. The door prizes are way better than fifth grade, but whatever, we still cherish our "Team Player" and "You're Awesome!" ribbons of yore...which, for the record, translate loosely to "Moves Like a Sloth" and "Thanks for Wearing the Appropriate Shoes!", respectively. For more info and registration, visit mellew.com/RNR_ED.htm.
Sun., March 19
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Merritt Martin
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