Tyler Edlin's "fur on fur"
Tyler Edlin's "fur on fur"

Wednesday WTF?: Allied Forces Employed Chewbacca and Giant Squirrel...Or So It Seems

It's the Wednesday WTF? wherein we randomly select a photo/video/thing that makes us say those three special words.

"Fur on fur" may not be new to you. And no, we don't mean that as dirty as it sounds.

If you're on DeviantArt or are a fanatic of BoingBoing and the like, you could've seen Tyler Edlin's masterful interpretation of a crossbow-wielding Chewbacca and his faithful squirrel-ride taking down Nazi forces and muttered "What the fuck?!" back last year.

But, see, the timing here is not entirely the point. As an arts and culture blog, and what with A-Kon and Comic Con having just left the buildings, the Star Wars hook of this commissioned work of actual art -- serious, serious art -- is what caught our attention.

Also, that it was a wedding gift. That actually might be the best part.

Now, normally, the Wednesday WTF? would only feature one thing. But we've taken an effed-up shine to Edlin. After the jump find out what Tony the Tiger's been doing on the weekends when the Civil War reenactments are all booked up.

Tyler Edlin's "Pirate Animals"
Tyler Edlin's "Pirate Animals"
Tyler Edlin/gamefan84

OK, fine. So it's not Tony the Tiger, but some crazy cat named Landers in Commodore Cornelius' crew. Whatever. It's awesome.


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