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Wednesday WTF?: USA Today Illustrates "Hotter Than Balls"

It's the Wednesday WTF?, wherein we randomly select a photo/video/thing that makes us say those three special words.

In the span of one hour, four times as many people sent us this hot-and-bothered USA Today graphic (via I Love Charts and HappyPlace).

It's clear why this handy little illustration went viral -- along with sun stroke jokes -- but we think it's more than an information piece on temperature. Perhaps the intent of the "cocksure" sun was simply to suggest a safe, entertaining activity to be enjoyed in shaded, air-conditioned rooms away from health-compromising heat? Makes sense considering right now there's absolutely nowhere outdoors that's fit for leisure activity during daytime hours.

Now go download some Billy Squier and steer clear of that sun, folks. As you can see above, it's terrifying.

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Merritt Martin
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