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We'll Float on Pools and Lakes This Weekend, While Natsumi Hayashi Floats In Air

Talk about Eye Candy. Tokyo photographer Natsumi Hayashi's work isn't just taking off (pun intended) in Japan, as she told the Daily Mail Online back in May, but across the world thanks to this lovely thing that is the Interwebs.

In contrast to the "let's all take a jumping photo and crop it so it looks like we jumped super high" craze that's sweeping the likes of Instagram and other photo apps, we adore the subtlety of Hayashi's work. Each photo has a grace, a perspective and even a styling that is almost melodic. The pictures are so strong it seems perfectly natural that she's capable of flight.

Wait, what?

Hayashi actually told the Daily Mail in her interview that she might shoot hundreds of photos to get the perfect one depicting effortless levitation. And that she hopes to become a famous fashion photographer. Actually, we don't think she should pigeonhole herself. She's clearly a Renaissance woman: model, photographer, creator of a phenomenal concept, genius PR person.

Check out our favorites of Hayashi's work from this year after the jump.

The last entry on Hayashi's blog, Yowayowa Camera Woman Diary, we can see is May 11, just days after the Daily Mail piece ran. We hope to see more from Hayashi soon.

h/t Geekologie.

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