What A Hag

An Evening With Larry Hagman? Just one measly evening? The Hag Man could spend a whole entire night regaling you with stories about Barbara Eden's navel or cataloging the many fabulous cowboy hats he donned as J.R. Ewing. One single, solitary evening barely scratches the surface. You could spend a weekend just dissecting Hagman's brilliant turn as sleazy ambulance driver Murdoch in one of the best movies ever made—Mother, Jugs & Speed—with nary a nanosecond remaining to discuss his often underappreciated work in late '70s made-for-TV movies such as The President's Mistress, Deadly Encounter and The Return of the World's Greatest Detective. Just one paltry evening ain't gonna cut it. What kinda prick tease is that, anyway? You can't just hang with Hagman for one night. You gotta pore over him as you would a good book, drink him in as you would a sunset. This is the guy who made his directorial debut with Beware! The Blob. This is no ordinary man. This is Hagman. An Evening With Larry Hagman commences Saturday night at Casa Mañana Theatre, 3101 W. Lancaster Ave. in Fort Worth. Tickets for the performance and after party are $100 with proceeds benefiting Casa Mañana's arts education and outreach programs. Call 817-332-2272 or visit casamanana.org
Sat., Aug. 26
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Geoff Johnston