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What's On Next: Which Shows You'll Watch This Fall

Since this week saw the major networks give their "upfront" presentations of new fall shows, I thought it might be worthwhile to take a break from the recappage and run down what's to come.


Revolution (NBC) - A world of no electricity is, frankly, terrifying to me. But that's the premise of this post-light-bulbalyptic drama from J.J. Abrams and director Jon Favreau.

Ben and Kate (Fox) - The trailer won me over. Nat Faxon and Dakota Johnson star as a brother and sister whose maturity levels differ greatly.

The New Normal (NBC) - Ryan Murphy produces a comedy about two guys who hire a surrogate to have their gayby. And NeNe Leakes is a supporting player. I'm so in. Can you imagine the bragging NeNe will do on the next Real Housewives season? "My pilot got picked up, boo boo. BLOOP!"

Vegas (CBS) - Dennis Quaid brings a little bit of Hollywood glitz to the small screen in this period piece about how Sin City was built. Also in the mix? Michael Chiklis ('The Shield'). Cowboy versus mobster.

The Mindy Project (Fox) - High hopes for the new comedy from one of The Office's funniest cast members. Not only is she tackling the hit-and-miss world of single girl-dom, but she's bringing in the likes of Bill Hader and Ed Helms to embody her dating disasters.

666 Park Avenue (ABC) - A New York apartment building is way too good to be not demonic in this new drama starring Terry O'Quinn and Vanessa Williams. Looks like soapy fun - ABC's good at that. And I'm hoping there's a bellhop whose feet suddenly become hooves.


Animal Practice (NBC) - A chimp is listed as one of its primary cast members of this "veterinarian's office comedy." I'm not sure that astute comic actor Justin Kirk (Weeds) can save it.

Guys With Kids (NBC) - Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Jesse Bradford and Tempestt Bledsoe (VANESSA!) star in this sitcom about dads who struggle to retain their coolness while raising new babies. Can't say for sure, but it seems to be an entire production built around a publicity shot of dudes rocking baby-filled slings in a restaurant. I know, hilarious.

Partners (CBS) - From the creators of Will and Grace comes a comedy about two best bros - one gay, one straight - who struggle with jealousy and attachment and all the issues that were already addressed on Will and Grace. Not hating on the premise, but any time something sells itself as "zany," I get wary.

Go On (NBC) - Matthew Perry plays a cocky sportscaster named Chandl- ... Wait, I don't actually know what his character's name is. But you get the idea.

Made in Jersey (CBS) - Jerseylicious meets The Good Wife! Wait ... what? Yep, a three-steps-up-from-JWoww lawyer joins a "posh law firm, and wins them over with her charm and street smarts." [Shakes head.]

Mob Doctor (Fox) - This drama is probably a better bet than, say, Prostitution Lawyer or Vandalism Dentist, but I doubt it will carry the NSFW gravitas of pay-cable mob shows. So, why bother?

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Hunter Hauk