Where to Swim in Dallas This Summer

It's hot. All you want is a pool to swim in. You need to work on your cannonball, or your suntan. And you want options. Well, we've got five for you. And a warning of where you'll get pool-blocked. Now, get wet. 

Dallas Fraternal Order of Eagles 3108 (Or, The FOE)
Everyone swims at the FOE. Some people do it just once, slightly disgusted by the tepid waters teeming with everyone from your drunk Uncle to the grimacing toddler, around whom the water is always a little bit warmer. In the summers, if you aren't going to the pool clubs –where people pose, but don't swim –you're going to the FOE. You'll play sand volleyball, you'll chug vodka shots, you'll probably end up scarfing down one of the hotdogs they're grilling that day, and then you'll go home sunburned, happy, and swearing it was way too crowded to return. But you will. Someone will have a birthday party, or you'll end up on a date, or maybe you'll just be desperately in need of somewhere to dip your toes in and you'll think, it's been a while since I went to the FOE, maybe it's better. 

Tietze Pool
Public pools will be forever tied to Wendy Peffercorn –the life guard in The Sandlot who knew exactly what she was doing. Oiling and lotioning; oiling and lotioning. From what we can tell, they don't make lifeguards like that anymore, if they ever did. But there are still public pools. Like the Tietze Pool in East Dallas, for example. Now, I can't verify the cleanliness of this pool, but I was assured that it is open for business. Summer hours are 1 - 8 p.m. Thursday through Monday until August 17. 

Kidd Springs Pool
What's that? You just bought a house in Oak Cliff that was overpriced but doesn't have a pool? Don't you fret, you gentrifying queen. You can swim, you can sunbathe, you can have the time of your life at Kidd Springs Pool in Oak Cliff. Will there be kids? Yes. Is it cheaper than digging a hole in your backyard? Yes. Hours are 1 - 8 p.m. Friday - Tuesday from June 7- August 17. Admission is $2. 

Hotel Zaza
Here's a hotel that wants you to swim in its pool. And buy endless plastic flutes of champagne. This pool is the gem of Uptown, IMHO. Drink, swim, feel slightly insecure about your body, repeat. The party never stops, especially on Sundays when you'll find DJ Redsean spinning poolside from 1-5 p.m. Admission to the pool is free; the gym membership you'll buy afterwards? Upwards of $50/month. 

Hurricane Harbor
If the other options on this list sound boring, or predictable, try Arlington's Hurricane Harbor. There's everything from a lazy river to monstrous water slides, which will keep your kids happy and busy, long enough for you to head to the bar and have 15 minutes and two cocktails to yourself. The way they price tickets is hella confusing, but it's definitely the most expensive option of the bunch. 

Bonus: Where You CAN'T Swim in Dallas: NYLO Hotel
The pool at the NYLO hotel just south of downtown is a nasty tease. They will happily sell you half a gin and tonic for $10, but if the security guard catches non-hotel guests trying to dip their feet in an otherwise empty pool, they will threaten to eject you. True story. Sneak in during the week? Easy. Try the weekend? And the deck chairs will be empty, but you'll need a room key to sit on them. Most hotels don't allow non-guests in the pool, it's true. But it's pretty greedy to open your bar to the public for a few bucks, only to annoy the guests who want peace and quiet, and then refuse to let those annoying outsiders in the pool. 

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