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Who Would Want to Visit Dallas in August? Artists, Apparently.

Dallas is the city everyone wants to leave. Well, artists at least. Most people dream of Los Angeles or New York City, or maybe Chicago. But the widely-belief is that anywhere is better than this city, especially during August.

Take Sally Glass, for example, who earned her MFA at UTD and is about to uproot herself and take all those hard-earned letters to Houston. Before she steals away, she's left us with a promise of collaborating across I-45, and this weekend she's curated one last exhibition: Personal Fantasies, LLC.

This two-part exhibition starts as visual display at Beefhaus Gallery Saturday night, followed by a performance at OFG.XXX (formerly known as Oliver Francis Gallery) Sunday. Oh, and she's united the more desirable parts of the country by featuring bicoastal artists.

LA-based artist Keith J. Varadi and NY-based Michael Kennedy Costa collaborate to explore each other's work in a weekend that combines art, text and maybe a little bit of psychology. In both the visual exhibition and the performance, Varadi's poems and Costa's paintings will be combined in surprising, thoughtful ways.

It will come as no surprise to those who know Glass' work - one manifestation of which is the quarterly semigloss. magazine - that she would take an interest in this intersection of language and art.

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Because it's a two-part show at two different venues, to see the work as intended, you'll have to be present both Saturday and Sunday nights. But if we were going to encourage one over the other, you should clear the last night of your weekend for the performance, Contract. In it, they will physically reflect upon one another's work both orally and visually.

Watch the coasts collide in a two-night event. See the work in gallery form from 7-10 p.m. Saturday at Beefhaus (885 Exposition Ave,). At 7 p.m. Sunday, see the second phase with the performance piece, Contract, at OFG.XXX (209 S. Peak St.). Both events are free and open to the public.

If you want to solidify your experience with a bit of ephemera, there will be chapbooks for sale. For more information visit

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