Will Ferrell Came To Dallas, Spoke Spanish. Como Se Dice "Awesome"?

Renaissance man Will Ferrell was stopped by SMU last night on his way down to SXSW to give one lucky audience a peek at his new, all Spanish language telenovela, Casa de mi Padre. Did I mention it's entirely in Español? Si, es cierto! Seriously, I think Will is just getting bored at this point. He's played an anchorman, an elf, various alternative and mainstream sports figures...why not learn a whole new language? You've already proven yourself a conquistador of laughter in English!

After the credits rolled on Casa de mi Padre (which I might add had the audience - comprised mostly of a Latino SMU organization - in stitches throughout its hour and a half runtime), Ferrell walked out to roars of applause (he is Frank The Tank, the modern college hero a la Belushi in Animal House), ushering him right into a Q&A with Gordon Keith, who began the back-and-forth with a discussion of penile piercings. As you can imagine, with that setting the tone for the evening, it went from Ferrell's knowledge and ability to name marsupials, fielding my own personal question about how hard it was to learn Spanish...answering in Spanish of course, thus closing out the night with a ceremonial rubbing of a pregnant woman's belly since, as her husband noted when he made the request, Ferrell was on her Hall Pass List.

But don't fret, as there was plenty of fan pleasing moments as well. Ferrell doing his signature George W. Bush impression, only minutes away from the GWB Presidential Center on the SMU campus. But that wasn't the only famous Ferrell impression we got; baseball broadcaster Harry Caray from the SNL days, Ron Burgundy (he actually said the line "I'm kind of a big deal" which, as you can imagine, was met with great enthusiasm) as well as lots of talk about why Anchorman 2 didn't ever get off the ground into a group jumping pose, his stint on The Office as a potential replacement for Steve Carell, and a few other moments that made everyone collectively nerd out at once.

In case this is the first you're hearing about it and you're now crying crocodile tears over the fact that you missed Will Ferrell being in town, you can find some solace in this collection of photos. Disfrutar, mis amigos!

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.