Win the Lottery to See Aziz Ansari this Weekend

This weekend, one of the country's funniest foodies stops in at the American Airlines Center. Aziz Ansari brings his latest comedy tour, Modern Romance, to town at 8 p.m. Saturday night and according to him it's so dope, he wants to give the tickets away.

"I think this is my best tour I've done with my strongest and most interesting material," Ansari says. "I got really insane stage/video screen display done so people in the back could see."

He's set up a lottery to give tickets and other stuff away.

2 VIP tickets in a dope section? You could win that. Limited edition swag? You could win that. Signed bag of Skittles? You could win that. A video of Aziz yelling at you for stealing his blender? You could win that. A backstage photo that may or may not be with Aziz, or possibly Raj who your white friends will think is Aziz? You could win that.

Or you could just buy tickets at tour.azizansari.com like a normal human.

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