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Win Tickets: George Saunders at the DMA on Friday Evening

David Sedaris refers to George Saunders as his writer's block go-to. He says Saunders paints life so brilliantly that you get excited about words. He's so, very correct. The characters filling the pages of a Saunders book weigh in at a magical density, tweaked by a pixelated richness and a complete verbal DNA. They are alive. And if you think you can pick them up for a quick, emotionless fling, you're in for it. Soon, you care. You're invested. You worry for these just-materialized characters and their fates. Even the schmucks'.

He's speaking at the Dallas Museum of Art on Friday at 7 p.m. as part of their Fresh Ink series, and tickets are sold out. For Saunders fans that's no big surprise, especially after the New York Times Magazine dedicated an entire cover to Tenth of December, calling it "The best book you'll read in 2013."

Don't panic: We've got two pairs of tickets for an evening with George Saunders and you can win 'em. Drop a comment below, noting your favorite Saunders story. You don't have to remember the name, a quick description works.We'll do a random selection on Thursday at 3 p.m. and contact the winner. (Make sure your comment is linked to an active account -- Twitter, Facebook, email -- so we can holler at you when you win.)

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Jamie Laughlin
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