Writer's Block Is Brutal

You go to the Texas Theatre (231 W. Jefferson Blvd.) because you love and support its mission, but also because of its Good Human Element: namely, the venue’s exceptional staff. Bartender/life coach/bar art wizard Susie Sue is the Wendy Bird to Oak Cliff’s Lost Boys. She doles out solid advice, makes all feel loved and generally kicks more ass than any one gal should. She’s what you might call “A Great Lady.” Also, homegirl’s got solid taste in film. Susie is throwing down a birthday party tonight and it’s a whole to-do, starting off with an 8 p.m. screening of one of her favorite flicks, Kubrick’s terrifying tale of isolation and madness, The Shining. You’re encouraged to dress the part — try rolling in on a Big Wheel, or rocking a spooky 1920s Overlook Hotel ballroom ensemble (no axes, please) — you’ll want to reek of mystery for the costumed afterparty. What’s that? You demand beats that match your bathrobe and feral demeanor? Sure. Sir Scott Mack will drop it like it’s 1921, yo. There’s also a silent art auction benefiting animal rescue, because Susie Sue is just that rad. Show up, dress the part, tip big. The Shining starts at 8 p.m. and the dance party kicks off at 11 p.m. Visit thetexastheatre.com.
Jan. 25-27, 2013
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Jamie Laughlin
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