Yes, We All Know You Missed Comic-Con. The Healing Begins Saturday at Zeus.

You've been a mess since missing San Diego Comic-Con. Even that kind-hearted robot you built won't listen to any more of your blubbering. This is what's meant by "rock bottom."

Your local a-hole alt weekly didn't help either. The Observer ran ran story after story after story about the California gathering, furthering the spin to your current state of sadness.

Welp, snap out of it dude.

Bigfanboy.com and Zeus Comics have teamed up to mend your graphically illustrated wounds at I Missed Comic-Con, Saturday's afternoon of heightened nerdery.

BFB lassoed up local comic book designers for a meet-and-greet, signing and giveaway event that looks pretty damn cool. The whole thing is free -- even the parking -- so you'll spend money on the rad stuff you want rather than blow it all on airfare, hotels, badges and hand sanitizer like you would at you-know-where.

Here's the talent roster:

James O'Barr - creator and artist of THE CROW Kristian Donaldson - artist of THE MASSIVE, DMZ, SUPERMARKET and more Joe Eisma - artist of MORNING GLORIES Ben Dunn - creator and artist of NINJA HIGH SCHOOL and MARVEL MANGAVERSE Kez Wilson - inker of STAR TREK, POWER OF THE ATOM, SCARLETT Scott Harben - photography artist for Lucasfilm, Marvel and more Robert Wilson IV - artist of KNUCKLEHEADS Cal Slayton - Sketch Card artist Marvel, DC, STAR WARS, THE WALKING DEAD

And BFB will give away all kinds of cool collectable goodies, like t-shirts from This is the End, Iron Man 3 and Trance, along with movie posters and more. Get your geek card punched and dry your salty tears from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday.

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