You Can't Spell Funny Without a Y-Chromosome

Veteran comedian Bryan Callen needs no introduction, but we’re going to give him one anyways. From his days as an original cast member of MAD TV to playing Eddie in The Hangover, Callen has been making audiences everywhere laugh hysterically. While stand-up is something Callen does on the fringes of his acting career, it is no joke to him. His over-the-top, energetic performances are known for leaving audiences fumbling collectively with their iPhones, desperately asking Siri how to keep their guts from busting. Callen’s bits concentrate on being a man, acting like a man and doing manly things. This style of humor has landed him his own comedy special appropriately titled Man Class. It's exactly what it sounds like: even the jokes have pit stains. Callen will perform Thursday through Sunday at the Addison Improv, 4980 Beltline Rd. Tickets cost $17. Visit or call 972-404-8501.
July 26-29, 2012
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