You Make Everything...Groovy

Since he came of age in the late 1950s, the man known as Chip Taylor has made his living as a golfer, a gambler (He once finished third in the World Black Jack Championship and was banned from the casinos of Atlantic City for being too awesome) and most famously, a singer-songwriter. The younger brother of actor Jon Voight, Taylor is responsible for two monster hits—The Troggs' "Wild Thing" and Merrilee Rush's irresistible ode to premarital sex, "Angel of the Morning"—not to mention lesser hits for Bobby Bare, Ike and Tina Turner, and Bonnie Raitt. He's also released 11 solo albums (the 12th is due next month) and three duet albums with singer/violinist Carrie Rodriguez, whom he discovered at SXSW in 2001. The daughter of little-known Texas songwriter David Rodriguez (a friend of Lucinda Williams whose songs have been covered by Lyle Lovett, among others), she's been playing the violin since the age of 5, and though she's not even half Taylor's age, the pairing works splendidly, with Carrie's sweet and earthy twang contrasting beautifully with Taylor's salty old dog of a voice. This Friday the unlikely duo takes the stage at the Granada Theater, 3524 Greenville Ave. The show starts at 8 p.m. Tickets are $18 for general admission, $22 for reserved seating. Visit
Fri., June 9, 8 p.m.
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Noah W. Bailey
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