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Your Chance to Beat Dirk Nowitzki at a Sport. (And Maybe Help Some Kids or Something)

Here's Dirk talking about this baseball thing, but all you'll be able to focus on is how his giant jersey threatens to devour his comparatively tiny head. Also, teeth.

Dirk Nowitzki's 2012 Heroes Celebrity Baseball Game is scheduled for June 30th; that's your chance to watch our favorite unfrozen caveman play baseball with Delonte West, Mark Cuban, Rick Carlisle, that guy from Wedding Crashers (Geoff Stults), Donnie Nelson and a party bus of other famouses. But hold up, this year four sluggers will be plucked from Dallas' frustrated dad list to suit up against these cross-training titans and compete in a pre-show event. Want in? All you've got do to is hang out at some batting cages in Plano.

The qualifying facility is Hits400, and auditions end on June 22. The top four scoring batters will play in the Celebrity Home Run Derby, where Dirk, his buddies and select normies try to out-bat each other. Whoever cracks the ball the furthest, wins. You've got a shot at this: Dirk has about 6 vertical feet of "strike zone" to cover.

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Jamie Laughlin
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