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Your Guide to the Shops on Lower Greenville

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Corner Market Flowers 3426 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX Corner Market is a European-looking café and bistro, attached to it is a whimsical flower shop, a non-commercial Pottery Barn of odd, but tasteful, items such as iron mermaids and magnifying glasses with frog handles. An un-shabby chic shop of fanciful wild flower arrangements, whose succulents and hydrangeas will inspire thumbs to become spontaneously green. Buy a chocolate truffle from the deli as you dream of replicating the Secret Garden.

Leeward Liquor 3609 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX It was about time that Greenville produced a liquor store, and the owner had that exact nagging thought for five years before he finally did. It was well worth the wait. This boutique liquor store is a haven for rare whiskeys and local brands. In addition to having the lowest prices in the area and offering Scotch and cigar tastings, the friendly staff is quite sample-happy. If you're not sticking around the Greenville bars, avoid designating a driver by picking up a bottle and heading home.

Buffalo Exchange 3424 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX This used-clothing store is nationwide, but this location stands out with a lively atmosphere made up by its young staff. It has every trend from psycho-killer heels to the kind of wonderfully retro outfits you'd see on Zooey Deschanel. Like the Half Price Books of clothing stores, you can sell or exchange your own used clothing for store credit. Not only do they collaborate with three different charities, you've now found a way to avoid being seen (gasp) wearing the same outfit twice.

Live Hair Group 3609 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX This contemporary salon offers a unique experience throughout, beginning by giving you a tour of the space, which holds a small gallery showcasing local artists' work. Their brilliant hair-washing stations have beds instead of seats. With unassigned stations, dry-haircuts only and "bangs specialists" who have worked with Petra Nemcova, this is the place the Granada refers touring musicians to, and where artsy ladies get their impossibly architectural haircuts.

Society Bakery 3610 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX This colorful bakery is adorably delicious. All their products feel old-fashioned and home-made, like their M&M and sugar cookies, 4-layered cakes, and quiches. If you need further convincing, they've been featured in People magazine as having some of the country's top cupcakes. Don't take it from us, Ellen Degeneres gets her orders shipped directly, as it's one of her favorites.

HD's Clothing Co. 3018 Greenville Avenue, Dallas, TX With an unrelated gym that amusingly divides the men's and women's locales as an unwanted barrier, a strong word-of-mouth has kept these twin boutiques standing since 1981. The women's store is made up of quirky and fancy street wear imported from Paris and Italy. The men's has international brands of new vintage-looking shirts and high-end denim. Buyer/associate HD, who's so charmingly eccentric he's worth the visit alone, describes their core customer as "a guy who smokes a joint and is out and about". He's so sure you'll look good in his clothes, he'll throw in some free condoms.

Oak Clips Pet Boutique & Grooming 3615 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX Oak Clips, from -you guessed it- Oak Cliff, is a Whole Foods for pets: Gourmet, all-natural, and more excessively high-end than most human foods. They sell shampoos and baffling cans of organic sweet potato for your pet's sophisticated palates. Their grooming services have a quick turn-around, cleaning your dogs teeth and anal glands in one short visit, leaving plenty of time to get your dog to Yoga.

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