You're Getting Very...Erotic

My first conscious memory of seeing hypnotism in action came courtesy of a Pee-Wee Herman HBO Special I watched as a little kid--and if you've ever seen said HBO special, then you know it was slightly more naughty than even the most double-entendre-filled episode of Pee-Wee's Playhouse. If I recall correctly, Mr. Herman picked a woman out of the audience, hypnotized her and then looked up her dress, which seems in keeping with the spirit of hypnotist Gary Conrad's "Special Erotic Hypnotic Show," happening this Sunday at Hyena's, 2525 E. Arkansas Lane in Arlington. I would also expect a lot of spanking, sex talk and undergarments, though it's entirely possible Conrad's definition of eroticism includes strange touches like...I dunno...hopscotch and yodeling. If the idea of unwillingly spanking a stranger onstage frightens you, Conrad will also perform his regular non-erotic show on Friday and Saturday. Tickets are $10 with a two-drink minimum. Visit for showtimes and info.
Sun., May 24, 2009
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Noah W. Bailey
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