Professor Max Brooks will teach you how to off a head.
Professor Max Brooks will teach you how to off a head.

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Will Be Taught At UNT on October 9

What will you do when those herky-jerky gnawers of braiiiiiiiins come calling? You'd try shooing them away with a broom, wouldn't you? You might as well open the doors and flash the lights.

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You need a class in strategy.

Human Max Brooks has your answers. He's been researching and documenting such attacks for more than a decade, then publishing his findings in scholarly literature, like the 2003 release How To Survive A Zombie Uprising. The text took a psychological assessment of the creatures and provided useful tips and guidelines for escaping the pending invasion. (Pro Tip Number One: Run, dude.)

Since only the young and beautiful will prolong death through The Infection, Brooks will train our region's most likely successes: the students of UNT. State schools produce scrappy folks, and Bruce Hall's inhabitants have been unknowingly preparing for decades, slaying those giant cockroaches that attack them in their sleep. Yes, when the undead arrive in Dallas, it'll be our liberal arts pals in Denton who will save us. More specifically it'll be those who attend Max Brooks' guest lecture on Tuesday, October 9 in the Silver Eagle Suite.

Brooks' follow-up book, World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, is a biography of those brave souls who avoided getting chomped. The first-person accounts describe the many situations that fellow humans found themselves in, as well as harrowing tales of victory and sacrifice.

It's interesting that Max developed an interest in science, survival and historical literature. Many would expect him to go a more comedic route in his career -- Mel Brooks is his father. But the good people of Denton can take comfort knowing the younger Brooks is out fighting the good fight against the flesh-eating virus and its occupants.

Join him for some Pro Tips and form a small army in the Silver Eagle Suite on Tuesday, October 9 at 8 p.m. For young, spry students admission is free. Faculty, staff and alumni pay $10. Normies pay $20. For tickets, go here.

Already have a plan for the zombie invasion? Stick it in the comments.

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