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  • 4 years ago | Education

    On a sunny morning in early May, a wayward DART bus pulled to a stop in front of Paul Laurence Dunbar Learning Center in South Dallas. From the porches of tumbledown homes, neighbors glanced with mild curiosity as the school’s principal, Dionel Wa...

  • 4 years ago | Transportation

    On Tuesday morning, the editorial board of The Dallas Morning News offered the newspaper of record's official take on Christie Myers, a 30-year-old white woman from the suburbs: She's awesome. What makes Myers so awesome? After...

  • 4 years ago | Housing

    No one who lives in the Estell Village Apartments very much wants to live in Estell Village Apartments. It’s a housing project, after all, 291 units spread across a warren of white-and-beige barracks near Paul Quinn College in southeast Oak Cliff....

  • 4 years ago | News

    Over the past six years, Lower Greenville has undergone a transformation. Thanks to a few million in city bond funds, the street itself has gone from a potholed obstacle course (like the typical Dallas street) to a pedestrian-friendly avenue with ...

  • 4 years ago | Crime

    Independence Day, a time when Americans of all stripes come together to celebrate their nation's birth. Invariably, many do this by making all manner of terrible decisions involving booze, fireworks, large bodies of water, or some combination of t...

  • 4 years ago | Real Estate

    Dallas, as anyone with eyeballs has no doubt noticed, is in the middle of an apartment boom. Currently, the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area has 50,000 apartment units under construction, which, to put things in historical perspective, is a cra...

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