• @paginaskinner
    17 January, 2019

    I’m crine https://t.co/OcGibhDNEI

  • @paginaskinner
    17 January, 2019

    @Pluckers Chili’s

  • @paginaskinner
    17 January, 2019

    Friday’s also only comped my raw chicken and not anything else. Should I be pissed?

  • @paginaskinner
    17 January, 2019

    Welp brad didn’t want to tell me that night but the raw chicken I ate at Friday’s the other night “was so bad it could’ve killed me.”

  • @paginaskinner
    17 January, 2019

    @SJSpellings thanks! love this app now. what is the lowest rating you'll go?


Paige Skinner

Paige Skinner

Paige Skinner, music and culture editor, has written for the Dallas Observer since 2014.

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