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Along this strip, you will soon find brand-spanking new locations of Neiman Marcus, Dillard's, Target, and all the others. Apparently seizing on the opportunities available because of the high-priced housing going up all around this area, practically every retail operation in America seems to think it's necessary to have representation here. Since the roads are still under construction, the traffic is bumper-to-bumper. But from near the Dallas North Tollway on is a sight that makes it all worthwhile: a bronze and gold, larger-than-life size trio of mounted polo players--apparently a reference to the polo club nearby. Can America get any tackier?
Surrounded on every side by the urban grit of downtown Oak Cliff, this sophisticated little outdoor nursery, between Jefferson and 12th Streets, is a delightful surprise for people who stumble on it unexpectedly. Cleverly put together, with a neat little gift shop, this is a place to come and walk the aisles if for no other reason than to enjoy a half-hour vacation from the rest of Dallas.

Little feet grow faster than delinquent tax penalties, so it helps to have a place with lots of variety, colors, and styles of footwear plus terrific service. Stride Rite is not as cost-effective as burlap and twine, but at least with these shoes you won't find people from the government knocking on your door.

We're tempted to say, "Any place other than Fry's Electronics," but that's a cheap shot. (OK, not really: We once had a Fry's salesman talk us into a $2,000 computer that was out-of-date 13 minutes after we bought it. Then, when we got it home, it didn't work. When we brought it back, the salesman insisted there was nothing he could do for us, despite the fact it was under warranty and a piece of crap. We vowed never to return, and he said only, "Fine.") And, yeah, fact is, the best place to buy a computer is probably online, from the likes of Gateway or Dell--or just buy yourself a Mac and save yourself all that trouble. But Best Buy has always done us right: The salespeople have some idea what they're talking about, and if they don't, they get someone who does (unlike another store...ya listening, fellas?). And fact is, Best Buy's one of the cheaper computer outlets in town: A monitor we were going to buy at...well, somewhere else, was $50 cheaper. Seriously--50 freakin' dollars. And we didn't have to drive to Garland, park in Rockwall, and wait in a line that backs up all the way to Wylie.

It's time to update that tired collection of half-empty bottles of Paco Raban and Grey Flannel. Get modern by going back so far in the past that it's new again with Neiman's exclusive collection of colognes from the 200-year-old Creed company of England. Or plant yourself firmly in the 21st century with a splash of Zaharoff. Big plus--the guys at the counter actually know every product they sell.

Wolf Camera has a wide selection of picture frames for your favorite photographs--or if not your favorite, at least those you're willing to display. Compared with other stores, prices are lower, selection is more varied, and you are more likely to find unique frame designs to match every picture. Prices start at $9.99. Brand-name frames include Burns of Boston, Carr, and Malden.
Flannery O'Connor was correct. A good man is hard to find, but a good all-purpose handyman is almost impossible to find in a city the size of Dallas. It's almost a disservice to call Snider a handyman. He does so much more than that. He does interior and exterior painting and carpentry and specializes in plumbing. He can handle small professional repairs to large-scale remodeling jobs. He is the choice of several professional interior designers to help carry out their plans for clients. We were as impressed with the quality of a paint job that he did for a client as we were with the price that he charged for it. So the next time you think you can build a fence as well as Bob Vila, do yourself a favor and call Tommy. You can stave off dealing with your own hand-eye coordination troubles a little longer.

The hobby of creating one-of-a-kind scrapbooks has been growing in Dallas--among our friends, at least. To help with this new trend is Scrappy's. The store carries an excellent selection of scrapbooking necessities, including adhesive stickers, unusual papers, books, binders, and ideas galore. The Scrappy's staff is friendly and helpful.
Worried that a mechanized car wash is going to suck the paint off your new roadster? Afraid that some unthinking automaton is going to scrape instead of scour, whack instead of wax? Fear no more, friends. Forest is a hand-wash car wash, eschewing rolling machines and whipping brushes for humans with sponges (and at reasonable prices). This people-centric motif extends to the rest of the car wash as well. Grab a plastic chair, either indoors or out, and browse the magazine rack. Feeling a little tense--some road rage perhaps--there is always Massages by George, the man with the chair who will cleanse your body of its toxins while the washers do the same for your car.

Some men know how to dress well. Some men have significant others to help them dress well. For the other 80 percent of us, we have help from guys like David Mills. Mills has long been a treasured secret for shoppers at the men's department of Neiman Marcus at NorthPark Center. Ask him to find you a suit, and he can find it in less than 15 minutes. Ask him to put together a shirt and tie combination, and you'll be walking out with clothes that are elegant and uniquely flattering. His taste is impeccable. He's able to work with a variety of men's personal styles to assemble something that you find appealing. That's what makes him a favorite with many of the best-dressed men in Dallas.

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