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Correct us if we're wrong, but we find Sunday to be the official hair-of-the-dog day. Friday and Saturday nights have wreaked havoc on the body, and now a little quality time must be spent recuperating. Lee Harvey's opens at 1 p.m. Excellent. Now we need discounted therapy. Two-dollar Bloody Marys and mimosas. Beautiful. This whole scenario would be perfect, but we're missing our best bud. We've ignored him Friday and Saturday nights, because frankly, he just wasn't welcome where we were going, but Lee Harvey's doesn't mind his shedding or his tail. That's right, dogs are welcome for a little Sunday hang time at the tucked-away bar. The only rule for Dog Day Afternoon is that your BFF must play well with others (canines and humans).

Best Way for College Kids to Waste Time and Brain Cells


Go ahead, call it an obsession. But chances are, if you're a college kid with a bunch of friends, a lot of work to do and a computer with Internet access, then you're logged onto The website, created by Harvard kids for Harvard kids who wanted to visualize their social network and determine their overall importance in the college circle, now boasts more than 3 million users on hundreds of campuses. Students create personal profiles, post photos (some of them pretty raw, like the SMU swimmer clothed in nothing but a big smile) and hook up via online invites. Facebook is a dream for its creators and a nightmare for curious students who can't stay logged out long enough to finish that history paper.
Not too long ago at the Library Bar at the Melrose Hotel, there was a Real World sighting. Unfortunately it wasn't badass Veronica (we can all pretend to hate her, but you know she rocked the Inferno II). Instead, it was Dan Renzi. Since we like to consider ourselves friendly and easygoing people, we made the first move. It was a wasted move--we probably could have gotten more conversation from the waitress who couldn't remember us after she took the first round of drink orders. Still, it was funny watching Renzi hunt down the bartender and ask for a cherry for his drink. Wasn't he having a beer? And it was even funnier hearing him say that a certain super-hot club "sounds like Dallas: overpriced and overexposed." Yeah, this all coming from a guy who extended his 15 minutes of fame by pulling a Paul Reubens in a Kansas City movie theater.
In some tribal societies, if you save someone's life, that person becomes your servant for the rest of their days. That's kind of how it works at the SPCA. The sad reality is that there are more pets out there than people who want to own them, and those that don't get adopted will eventually be put down, euthanized, put to sleep--pick your euphemism. If you've ever been chased down a Managua alley by a pack of feral dogs, you'll realize why this is necessary. But for an animal lover, it's heartbreaking. One way to help is to support the various organizations that spay and neuter strays, and the SPCA is one of the best. Your adoption fee of around $100 gets you a neutered, fully vaccinated and disease-free pet that will be your faithful and adoring companion, not just because it owes you its life but also because it doesn't know any better.
If we have to hear one more inane radio contest or another DJ promotion for a local LASIK surgeon, we will pull this car over and rip the radio straight from the dash. We swear. While some people would protest that the JACK format is sterile and computerized, we suggest that, more often than not, adding humans to radio only degrades the quality of the music played--when it has devolved to ridiculous DJ banter, endless plugs for this and that or dedications from 14-year-olds, we say let the computers take over. Plus, any computer that plays John Mellencamp immediately following MC Hammer must have a sense of humor.
One important yet overlooked facet of the Wright Amendment debate is the "Wayne's World effect." Eliminating the Wright Amendment's limits on Southwest Airlines flights from Love Field would be an important change for that small subset of humanity that gets its kicks watching jets land from up close. The best spot to do that is Founder's Plaza, a small park near the south end of DFW's main runway set aside just for planespotting. But if the Wright Amendment is repealed, traffic to Love will increase, with some experts predicting a wholesale DFW desertion. In that case, jet-watching junkies will undoubtedly begin to frequent Bachman Lake Park, just north of Love's landing strip. In either case, bring your earplugs.
Isaac Mizrahi has a line of clothing for dogs, and you've bought most of it. Your kitty has different collars for different moods. Your pets eat the highest-quality food. But what of their cultural growth? Lucy needs her horizons broadened with a little Mozart, a little Saint-Saens. This is apparently what 101.1 WRR was thinking when they compiled the Roll Over Beethoven "collection of classical music for pets and the people who love them." Now before you go scoffing at what could seem like a rather zany idea with a $12.99 price tag, notice that the proceeds benefit the SPCA of Texas and Operation Kindness.
A night out in Uptown might convince an alien visitor that human cloning is a thriving industry in Dallas. Deviation from the unrelentingly fratty aesthetic is rare, and opportunities for real conversation are virtually nonexistent. The Ginger Man, however, offers an alternative even as it remains an Uptown mainstay, thanks to its spacious back patio. While the valiant young software designers try to win the hands of the giddy PR consultants by showing their mastery of the impressive array of beers or their prowess at darts inside, folks of different ages or hues preferring to chat under the trees can plop down at the picnic table benches on the patio and jaw away. Of course, the communal seating is also a good way to "accidentally" meet an interesting stranger, but you'd better have something to say for yourself.

Readers' Pick
Ozona Bar & Grill 4615 Greenville Ave. 214-265-9105
For years, the diehard fans of the Dallas Burn (now FC Dallas) struggled to create some kind of atmosphere in the cavernous Cotton Bowl. Not surprisingly, the professional soccer team's two booster groups, La Raza Latina and The Inferno, became experts in all aspects of soccer pageantry: singing, waving flags, wearing funny hats. But above all, they drum--on snares, bongos, bass, even those harnessed "quad toms" from band camp. Sometimes together, sometimes taking turns soloing, the two groups filled the giant stadium with thunder. Now, in their new, cozy Frisco home, their job will be a lot easier, but one thing will stay the same. After every victory, the groups will gather behind the stands and pound away until the lights go out, a la brasilena, joined by dozens of revelers moved by the irresistible rhythms or perhaps the giant plastic cups of beer. Either way, this beats a hippie drum circle.

Best Place to Sit on a Patio and Not Be Seen

Daniele Osteria

Why do people crowd onto streetside patios in Dallas? Do we love the acrid smell of exhaust, the damp spray of misters turning well-gelled hair into sticky slime or the possibility that someone whipping by at 40 mph will recognize us and droop in envy? None of that's possible at Daniele Osteria, the comfortable Italian spot tucked underneath the Bank One building on Oak Lawn Avenue. It's below street level, so your friends can't spy you unless they stroll along the sidewalk and glance down into the concrete dugout that makes up the patio. The place draws very little wind and reflects heat, so forget about summertime, but when temps cool, however, it's a spacious outdoor room with trees, a few garden benches and plenty of distance between tables. In the fall they project old movies on the whitewashed walls bordering the cavity. No sound, just something to distract you from your date's pointless babbling about family or American Idol.

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