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If this city has a posh pied piper, it's Dallas Morning News columnist Mr. Dallas, the man who scores an invite to every spot with a velvet rope and a "list." Not to say he should be anyone's idol (he's just a nightlife writer, for God's sake), but he does have a certain air of mystery, with his cartoon mug shot and lack of a real name. He's sort of like a superhero whose powers are sniffing out Grey Goose cocktails and spotting designer duds. If you want to catch him out, your best bet is probably Sense, the Tristan Simon-owned members-only nightclub on Knox-Henderson. People there actually call him "Mr. Dallas" to his face. If you're not a member, find a friend who is, and see if you can spot him. It's like a high-fashion game of "Where's Waldo."
This eclectic colorful café could quite possibly turn the straightest person into a Scream'n Queen, which is also a name of one of their drinks. Their creative menu can make it fun even to order, and you get your meal delivered to your table in a metallic lunch box; nothing says lunch like Hello Kitty. Order a Creamy Twink (yes, it's a drink), a Chai-Coff-Ski or Naughty Toddy to finish off your experience. But there are no small or venti sizes here. It's either a Butch or a Big Girl. Although a bit pricey and self-indulgent (does anyone really need a Buli-labeled cap or jellybeans?), Buli is more about tapping that inner fabulous child in everyone.
It's too late this year to travel to West, about 80 miles south of Dallas off Interstate 35, for the annual Westfest celebration of the town's Czech heritage, so we suggest you check out the State Fair of Texas now and make plans for Westfest next year. Why? It's simple: tons of kolaches, those delicious pastries filled with meats or fruits. You say you're more interested in Shakespeare in the park or dance exhibits or that you don't care for polka music? We'll say it again: PASTRIES FILLED WITH MEATS OR FRUITS! Geez, some people are so dense.

Readers' Pick
Deep Ellum Arts Festival April 7-9, 2006 in Deep Ellum
Forty tables of pool and the guy who owns the place, C.J. Wiley, is an ESPN billiards world champion. We're not saying Wiley will give you a lesson, but it's still cool to shoot stick in a place of such renowned talent. Wiley has a wall of accomplishments in the back, and if you're interested, some cues from his line for sale. Or, you know, if pool ain't your thing, a DJ spins hip-hop every Friday and Saturday night. The place gets sweaty around 11 p.m.--a better crowd than you'd think a pool hall would warrant.

Readers' Pick
(Tie) Billiard Bar 1920 Greenville Ave. 214-826-7665 Fox and Hound English Pub & Grill 10051 Whitehurst Drive 214-340-4300 112 W. Campbell Road, Richardson 972-437-4225
Not only are fake Rolexes available for purchase, you can bring your own cooler of beer to Big Town Bowlanes. The night we went, the couple next to us drank 40s. One guy brought his flask in. Management did not interfere. Management understands that bowling is only half the experience of a night at the lanes. This brings us to the fake Rolexes. They sit at the bottom of "The Iron Claw," the coin-operated machine that's in every bowling alley. Yeah, well, encased in glass in this game are fake Rolexes. Nothing else. Just fake Rolexes. At least, we think they're fake. They could be real. And we still haven't mentioned the bowling at Big Town, which is, you know, a good place to roll some balls, we guess, the place having 32 lanes and all, but did we mention you can bring your own coolers?

Readers' Pick
Don Carter's All Star Lanes 10920 Composite Drive 214-358-1382
Owned by former Mavericks conditioning coach Chad Lewis and Steve Nash runnin' buddy Mark Oman, Ten is sure to be hoppin' with hoopsters. The joint has all the upscale amenities you'd expect from a bar taking up prime residence adjacent to the swanky Hotel Adolphus at Main and Field. The menu matriculates far above the standard fries and nachos, there are nine hi-def plasma TVs, a 100-inch movie screen and downtown's only working jukebox. Best of all, you never know who you might bump into. With its NBA connections to players like Nash, Dirk Nowitzki, Michael Finley and Eduardo Najera, Ten will certainly be the post-game watering hole for Mavs and opponents. Who knows, buy enough rounds of Jagermeister and you might cameo in the next round of deliciously drunk Nash/Nowitzki photos.
So it's not your fancy 24-Hour Fitness or Bally's, but the fitness center at Richland College is quite the bargain. For 20 bucks a month, you have access to free weights, Cybex machines and a glute-load of cardio arsenal. And if the time is right, the outdoor pool is worth the plunge. You don't even have to be a student...sort of. The center is offered under Richland's Continuing Education curriculum. Although listed as a class, there are no teachers or times, so just log in and work out for a fraction of the price.

Readers' Pick
24-Hour Fitness Multiple locations

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