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Your Singer getting a little creaky? Can't find your zipper attachment? Perhaps you're just in need of a lube job, if you know what we mean. No, we're not being rude; we just think you need a reliable, honest place to get your sewing machine worked on. The Sew & So, located near the downtown Garland square, is the place for sewing machine repair and reconditioning, as well as collectable machine sales and trade. The storefront may appear nondescript from the street, but within it lies a wealth of knowledge on all things related to those refined beasts that at one time graced every household. Our inherited Singer Portable Electric 221-1 received a new lease on life after a near fatal internal tangle, but this so-and-so got it purring like a kitten--and even offered us a pretty penny for it. We held on to our treasure, and though the good doctor played disappointed well, we suspect we saw a little glint in his eye that such a fine specimen would be well-used and returning, of course, for annual check-ups.

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