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At the end of 2005, Club Dada was down for the count, knocked out by bumbling ownership and deemed another tombstone in the dwindling reputation of Deep Ellum. So how come it's winning this award and hosting big-name gigs (such as June's New Bohemians reunion) not even 12 months later? Because the new ownership--including members of Beatles cover band Hard Night's Day--has figured out how to make the joint appeal to two completely different audiences, making this the best rock bar across the board. Happy hour patrons and casual music fans are making their way to Dada to see the city's best cover bands (and some solid local original acts tucked into those schedules, no less) on weekends, while the kids are catching stellar out-of-town acts and local indie openers on such weekly events as New Music Tuesdays. Cheap cover and drinks help, of course. The separate crowds aren't yet holding hands and singing "Kumbaya," but if the right hipster band played that as a prog-rock song, well, who knows?

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