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Best Of Dallas® 2009

We did it!

It was the damnedest thing. Given what a tough year 2009 has been economically, politically, etc., you might think that we'd have a difficult task in coming up with hundreds of reasons to celebrate the Best of Dallas®. "We can do it!" was our theme, recalling the knuckle-down-and-get-to-work spirit of World War II's Rosie the Riveter and other tough-minded folk who endured harder times in the past.

Well, we did do it. We found tons of evidence — in the shops, the artists, the chefs and everyday people — that Big D is not only enduring, but thriving through the hard times. We may not have found the light at theend of the long tunnel that is 2009, but we've found the bright spots tha tkeep this city glowing and growing no matter how rough the going might get.

In fact, we came up with so many that you'll find lots of extra, online-only Best of Dallas® items here on our Web site.

Rosie was a determined, hardworking,durable and optimistic woman. We think she'd be proud of the can-do city that Dallas has become.

We want to offer special thanks to the creative individuals who worked hard to develop the look for this issue:

Cover/Section Opener Photographer: Steven Visneau (

Photo Assistant: Michael Mosley

Set Builder: Tony Barsotti

Wardrobe Stylist: Aubrey Mayo

Makeup/Hair Stylist: Ashley Rike

Model: Talor "Rosie" Reazin

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