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Beth Rankin

Look, we know how silly we look holding a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon. It's cheap, flavorless, crappy American lager that has inexplicably become the drink of choice for hipsters trying to affect some kind of facetious blue-collar aesthetic. But when we're at City Tavern, we're drinking it all night. Because for $4, you can get a shot of Jack Daniel's whiskey with a PBR chaser any time, any day of the week. Whether you're there for the simple but tasty fried bar grub or the excellent Home Sessions local rock, folk and country shows, be sure to keep both hands free for PBR and his buddy JD.

For years, Frisco residents have had to drive to Denton, Dallas or Fort Worth to hear worthwhile live music. Now, while you couldn't quite say the tables have turned, Dallas music fans actually have a reason to take their turns doing the 45-minute drive, and we're not talking about Jimmy Buffet concerts at Pizza Hut Park. Thanks in part to a booking partnership with Spune Productions, Lochrann's has started inviting original folk, rock and country acts to perform on its stage, including some of our favorite Dallas Observer Music Award nominees. In fact, the bill for the Oysterfest Gulf Aid benefit show September 25 includes the frontman of Old 97's himself, Rhett Miller, along with a host of other great acts. Here's hoping more Frisco bars follow suit and give the cover bands a night off once in a while.

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