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Best Place To Get Your First (Or Last) Tattoo

Elm Street Tattoo

With doom on the horizon, there are a few things that most any red-blooded American will want to do before curtain call (if they havent already). One of those always wanted to list items floating in peoples buckets is to get a tat, dammit. Most seasoned doomsayers probably already have some permanent markings upon their flesh, but for those who havent made the commitment yet (its never too late for your first ink), high-tail it down to Deep Ellum and allow one of the many talents on staff at Elm Street Tattoo to style a commemorative doomsday piece, while you still have a mortal coil to bear it. Artists and co-owners Dean Williams and world-record holder (for most tattoos given in 24 hours) Oliver Peck will insure that youll never forget your first time under the needle ... or your last.

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