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There wasn't much competition for the best bike ride in the city, to be honest. Riding on two wheels here is mostly an adrenaline-fueled game of dodge the angry truck. But the path around White Rock Lake, continuing onto the Sante Fe Trail down to Deep Ellum, could compete with those of many metropolises with functioning recycling programs. The scenery around the lake is truly the best you'll find in the city limits, with possible stops along the way at the Arboretum and any number of the excellent bars and restaurants that border it (Goodfriend Beer Garden and Burger House and Cane Rosso come to mind). And the Sante Fe Trail offers a couple miles of actual wooded seclusion before taking you through East Dallas and down to Deep Ellum, the only neighborhood in Dallas where absolutely no one will look twice if you walk into a bar covered in sweat.

Free tennis courts are great. On a drive through any Dallas neighborhood, you're likely to happen upon several pairs of them, as they dot our city like rectangular freckles. That said, there's no worse feeling than getting all dressed up for tennis and pulling up to a full tennis court. Hitting a ball against the fence just doesn't cut it when you're waiting your turn to play. Not so at Cole Park in Uptown. Eight good courts make for little to no wait, and at less than a mile from the Katy Trail, these courts also make for a tidy stop-off from a jog or bike ride. Plus, the courts are lit for the types who like to take their tennis parties into the wee hours.

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