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Best Use of Reunion Tower Observation Deck

Dude Perfect

The GeoDeck is the recently reopened observation deck on Reunion Tower. Dude Perfect is a mildly obnoxious group of frat-guy types who have achieved Internet fame filming themselves making improbable basketball shots. How it took until 2014 for the two to come together is a mystery, but it finally happened back in January when a basketball was hurled from Dallas' most '80s landmark into a hoop in the parking lot below. After all, the land around Reunion Tower isn't being used for anything else.

Kevyn "Konfident" McCallister creates some of the most interesting body art in the nation, a statement that's easily backed up by a perusing of his personal website and Instagram feed, where McCallister posts snapshots of his work. McCallister specializes in portrait work, frequently inking some of the most realistic-looking portraits you can find, but lately has been experimenting with a number of colors, which has led to some stunning pieces that almost put watercolor expert Sasha Unisex to shame. Expect to see more advances in McCallister's work as he transitions from the Addison-based Cat Tattoo to the new Zack Singer-owned Perception Fine Body Art. After all, he is the same guy who created the image of MTV's Daria as Lil Kim. That type of mind never rests.

Clay Jenkins has had what some might call a banner year. In his quest for equality, the judge spearheaded the effort to give private employees who contract with the county a better quality of life by raising their hourly wages to that of full-time county employees. He applauded Parkland Hospital when it announced its minimum-wage increase, and he hopes to create a critical mass so every worker in the county makes a living wage. So, he fights for the poor, but he also fights for the children. He announced, to much national fanfare and local controversy, that children who crossed the border would find shelter at three Dallas schools. This even sparked a protest at his Highland Park home, but Jenkins won't be deterred from doing what he thinks is right.

For this and every other year, R.L.'s should win best blues bar, and here is why. It is an experience like no other, a one-off in Dallas where some of the most talented blues, soul, old-school R&B and funk musicians get together every weekend to play one set that's many, many hours long while the entire bar shakes their thing. It's BYOB. It's unbelievably welcoming. It's one of the best, most memorable experiences you can have in all of Dallas.

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