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Kathy Tran

Drop in during the weekend and be prepared to leave with a little extra zip in your step. Whether you prefer freshly ground coffee or the more delicate appeal of loose tea-leaves, The Cultured Cup will send you home with everything you need to assure your coming week is well caffeinated. But don't rush out the door! The best thing about visiting The Cultured Cup is spending time at the tasting bar. You'll likely encounter new teas and coffees and meet fellow stimulant junkies. The store is as social as your favorite coffee shop but with a much larger offering.

As if it weren't cool enough to slink down the stairs positioned just under a neon-lit "cocktails" sign, the atmosphere at Midnight Rambler is chic without feeling over the top. Once you find your way into this dimly lit cocktail den, the drinks that await somehow manage to eclipse the ambience. The cocktail nerdery of bar braniacs Chad Solomon and Christy Pope is evident in their modernist technique and clever wordplay on the cocktail menu, and the drinks they stir are just so damn good. Close your eyes and point at a random spot on the menu, you'll find a winner every single time.

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