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Some kids like all types of toys. Others are so thoroughly consumed by a certain brand of interlocking plastic brick systems that they eschew other playthings and would probably do the same to food, water and sleep if not occasionally forced to put down the LEGOs. For the second type of kid, heaven is the LEGO Store at NorthPark. It's packed floor-to-ceiling with LEGO sets of every variety, from Star Wars to Ninjago to Chima, and with parents and kids, locked into the fun of picking out toys together.

Getting naked in public is generally frowned upon, but at Spa Castle, it's just part of the experience. Once you get past the awkwardness of shucking your clothes in front of complete strangers of all stripes, you'll easily melt into the relaxing experience that is Dallas' biggest Korean spa. Once you've soaked (totally naked) in the tension-soothing hot tubs and showered, you can put your clothes back on and head out into the spa's large outdoor water park. Or, you know, you can just stay in the gender-segregated nude areas and enjoy a day relaxing in your birthday suit. At this place, no one is going to judge you for wanting to stay in the buff.

All the furniture at Lula B's has been owned by someone else at one point, but you can bet that they were cooler than you — this ain't your grandma's antique mall. Each of the booths curated by different vendors from all over Dallas-Fort Worth is full of treasures of all kinds, from kitschy decor to mid-century masterpieces. The best part of shopping at Lula B's is digging for all the good (cheap) finds that linger on dusty bookshelves. On any given visit, you could walk out with a vintage designer chair or an orange 1970s sofa the size of a Buick. Whatever your aesthetic, there's something for your apartment at Lula B's.

Technically, Puff n Stuff is selling "tobacco accessories," but we all know the deal. Should you find yourself in need of a brand new water pipe or just a pack of rolling papers, Puff n Stuff is an obvious and convenient stop. If you're interested in more intricate, hand-blown works of art that just happen to be engineered for smoking, you'll find plenty of those too, most of which are hand-crafted by Texas artisans. You'll also find plenty of head shop staples — incense, snarky T-shirts, and best of all — BEER. We're not telling you what to smoke in your pipe, just that you should definitely buy that pipe from Puff n Stuff.

The line between "thrift" and "vintage" stores has become impossibly blurred, but Thrift World is the best kind of old-school thrift shop. It's not a tiny, quaint shop, more like the Wal-Mart of used clothing and home decor, but you'll always walk out of there with some bizarre or unique find that costs less than $6. You'll probably never wear that mustard-and-fuchsia oversized Yves Saint Laurent sweater from the 1980s, but it's Yves Saint Laurent and you need it! You'll want to block out a few hours to really peruse the racks and check out the sales, but once you've memorized the sort-of-complicated tagging system, it's smooth sailing and plenty of good deals on funky, once-expensive stuff.

Plus-size boutiques aren't exactly easy to find in Dallas, so it's fortunate that the Marlie Madison Boutique stocks plenty of styles that won't make women over size 12 look like their grandmothers. Marlie Madison has physical locations in Roanoke and Plano, but you can also shop online when you're a little drunk and feeling reckless with the credit card. Comfy-yet-chic maxi dresses are Marlie Madison's signature offering, but you'll also find plenty of casual, dressy and trendy clothes to round out your wardrobe. Plus, you're helping support a small local business, and that's something everyone can get behind.

This recent addition to Carrollton is already our favorite place to shop when we've got about $20 kicking around in the old pockets. Here, you'll find everything from housewares to school supplies to cosmetics, most of which are priced below $5. Not everything is going to be your favorite, and there are plenty of oddities that don't make a whole lot of sense, but as soon as you find those $1.50 tea cups or encounter the mountain of cheap nail polish that greets you at the door, you'll quickly fall in love. Undoubtedly, you'll waste a few bucks on cheap, plastic crap that doesn't exactly get the job done, but most of the time, the finds at Daiso are almost shockingly solid.

If you grew up on a farm, had to visit a farm every summer because that's where the grandfolks lived, had to learn at any point in your life how hard real farm work is, then your first thought when you heard about the urban backyard chicken fad was that the city folk would never stick with it. "Those slickers," you may have thought, "will ditch those chickens the first time they want to fly the coop and go off surf sailing in the Virgin Islands." Well, no. If they're responsible poultry-raising urbanites, they'll hire Urban Chicken to send out a highly trained chicken tender who will feed, water, clean up and collect the eggs. About the only thing Urban Chicken's sitters can't do is teach those feathered friends to play tic-tac-toe. Not yet.

If you're a jeans-and-flip-flops kind of guy, Traffic LA probably isn't your thing. But if you spend too much time reading GQ and enjoy haute couture pour homme, Traffic LA is the city's most fashion-forward men's boutique. Sometimes, the offerings look a little outlandish for our conservative city, which makes them even easier to love. The duds you pick up here are certainly going to cost you, but you'll have a unique piece that no one else can either afford or muster up the courage to wear. It takes a sort of confident, sophisticated man to appreciate the clothes at Traffic LA, but that's totally you. Let your impressively stylish, well-heeled freak flag fly.

At first glance, the dusty piles of tables and chairs at Ross at Peak Thrift Store just look like junk. But if you manage to dig past this tiny shop's crowded exterior, you'll quickly find some diamonds buried inside. This is the perfect spot to pick up the cheap furniture you'll need for all those Pinterest refinishing and repurposing projects, along with 15 other things that you didn't realize you totally need. You're going to have to explain to your roommates or significant other why you bought three samurai swords, but no matter — buy the damn samurai swords.

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