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In a world in which you had everything you ever wanted hanging in your wardrobe already, or in a world where clothes did not exist, or perhaps in Narnia, you would have no need for a boutique. But we live in fashion-centric Dallas, where being well-dressed is equal to cleanliness, which is equal to godliness. At least, we think that's how the saying goes. Either way, if you're tired of scanning the disheveled racks at Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe, we suggest you enter the doors of the newest, and perhaps trendiest, boutique in Dallas: Lion & Witch. Just a few weeks into its time on Oak Lawn Avenue, this place has already proven to be perfect for grabbing a new outfit for a special occasion or a night out. You'll leave more fashionable than you entered and with some money to spare for a nice glass of bubbly when you're out on the town.

It may not confer the same sort of James Dean coolness, but vaping is infinitely healthier — well, maybe — than smoking cigarettes, which means that many of us have begrudgingly made the transition. For those times when you're craving a maybe-better-for-you nicotine fix, Flavor Vapor at Mockingbird Lane and Greenville Avenue is an obvious first choice. Beginners can count on an educated staff who will walk you through the ins and outs of setting up your own smoke-free smoking rig, along with an impressive selection of e-liquid flavors and just about any other vaping accessories you can think of. Whether you're chasing hella large vape clouds, bro, or just interested in no longer smelling like an ashtray, this is the spot.

Some people in these offices snidely refer to NorthPark as the rich, white people's mall. We have a lot of class anger here at the Observer. You might have noticed. Obviously, some of our broke-ass, reverse-snobbish staff haven't been to NorthPark in awhile, because a trip there is a like a world tour in air-conditioned comfort, with no TSA and more familiar food. Walk NorthPark's long, art-filled halls, and we promise you'll hear more languages and see more saris, hijabs, stylish sagging and straight-up high and avant-garde fashion than anywhere this side of Manhattan. Goth girls and punks, hip-hoppers and models rub shoulders with hoi polloi, the rich and the in-between here, making for the best people-watching in Dallas, inspiring us to quote Willy Shakes: "O, wonder! How many goodly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world, That has such people in't!" Fancy, eh? And, ya know, the shopping is pretty freakin' awesome too. Think NorthPark is uniformly out of your price range? Well, yes, it can be, but when you're done watching people, take a look at what's in the shops. You'll be surprised at what you can walk away with, feeling fancy without going broke.

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