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Best Of Dallas® 2016

Whaddya mean by “great again,” pal? Like, we’re not great now? Listen, Mr. New Yawker, that might be true up in your part of the country, but here in Dallas, we’re as great as ever and only getting better every year. Don’t believe us? Then push that orange comb-over outta your eyes and take a gander at this, our 2016 Best of Dallas® issue. Great food. Great shopping. Great fun. Great, great, great, just as Dallas has always been over the decades. It’s hard to believe we get better every year, but somehow we do. So much damn greatness that we couldn’t pack in all the best stuff in one go, so be sure to check back with us in the weeks and months ahead as we bring you more reports from our explorations of Great Big D — and that doesn’t stand for Donald, partner.

Illustrations by Chris Danger

Best Of Dallas®

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