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Kathy Tran

With serious talent in the kitchen and chef-owner Matt McCallister's renewed focus on hyperlocal, hyperseasonal ingredients, FT33 has solidified its place as the most impressive fine dining destination in Dallas. Working closely with local farmers — along with growing and foraging many ingredients himself — McCallister has created a vibrant taste of Texas that evolves frequently, making every dinner a new experience. From the impeccable wine program to the seasonal desserts and an increasingly impressive cocktail menu, FT33 can do no wrong.

Chris Wolfgang

There's been no shortage of cheffy takes on spicy Nashville hot chicken, but to find the best in DFW, head to a no-frills spot in Lewisville. Owned by Nashville native Floyd Reed, Helen's serves juicy, crunchy fried chicken in four spice levels: plain, mild, hot and hella hot. When the staff warns you about the hella hot option, take heed: This chicken doesn't play.

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